Insight on English language teaching and learning across multiple contexts in the MENA region

Download a series of reports from the Middle East into English language teaching and learning across multiple contexts in the Middle East and North Africa region.

@Palestine is a British Council project that aims to improve the English language skills and 21st century skills of Palestinian youth so that they are better able to access opportunities in the digital economy. This is done by working with universities and local tech hubs. Read about the reports below and download each of them at the bottom of the page.

Provision of English training in digital enterprise hubs

This study was conducted to identify the local tech hubs and organisations that work with aspiring digital freelancers and entrepreneurs and to understand what they offer youth. We were particularly interested in understanding the role of English in their programmes. The findings of the study indicated a strong need for an English course that is specific to the context of digital freelancing and other online work.

Challenges faced by Palestinian women in the digital economy

This study explores the challenges faced by Palestinian women when engaging with the digital economy as digital freelancers and digital entrepreneurs. A number of success factors were identified through a review of the latest research and in-depth interviews.

An investigation into how best to design an English course for digital freelancers in Palestine

In regions that suffer from a high rate of unemployment, such as the Gaza Strip and the West Bank in Palestine, people have turned to the digital economy as a source of employment. This study explores how best to design English programmes that give local people the English skills they need to develop a livelihood through online working opportunities.

Teaching and learning English in Jordan: People, policy and practice

The demand for practical English skills from the public and from all sectors of the economy in Jordan is high. This report explores how current approaches to teaching and learning can be enhanced to better meet this demand by examining the education system and the perceptions of stakeholders (people), English language policies (policy), and gaps and solutions in teaching (practice).

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